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Worksheets on Birds, Ages 3-4
Trace the Numbers
Number 1 - Swan Number 2 - Parrot Number 3 - Woodpecker Number 4 - Hummingbird Number 5 - Pigeon
Number 6 - Stork Number 7 - Pelican Number 8 - Finch Number 9 - Chicken  
Letters Bulks
Dove and Pigeon Flamingo Pelican Stork Ostrich
Colored Stickers by Letters
Bird Duck Swan Owl  
Count how many
 from each feather
Water birds - writing numbers 1 to 10 Eagle –
Stickers by Numbers
Penguin –
Stickers by Numbers
Flamingo –
Stickers by Numbers
Groovy worksheets on Land Animals

Groovy worksheets on Insects

Groovy worksheets on Fish and Sea Creatures

Groovy worksheets on Farm Animals
Color by Number The Raven – Learn Numeric Order through Animation      
Visual Perception
Shades and Shapes -
Stork, Toucan, duck, peacock, finch
Shades and Shapes -
Hummingbird, parrot, swan, eagle, flamingo
Shades and Shapes -
Seagull, penguin, pigeon, ostrich, owl
Practice Visual Perception  
Penguin baby
 to penguin mom
Peacock to the garden Parrot to the tree Woodpecker to the tree Swan to the lake
Fine Motor Skills
Pelican to the fish Bird to the tree Duckling to the duck Hummingbird to the flower Swan to the lake

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