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Worksheets on Land Animals, Ages 3-4
Trace the Numbers
Number 1 - Whale Number 2 - Lobster Number 3 - Octopus Number 4 - Sea turtle Number 5 - Cuttlefish
Number 6 - Dolphin Number 7 - Starfish Number 8 - Crab Number 9 - Sea horse  
Monkey – Letters bulk Leopard – Letters bulk Cat -
Colored stickers by letters
Elk -
Colored stickers by letters
Count how many
 from each predator
Count how many
 from each vegetarian
Dinosaurs - Numbers and Amount by a Diagram Snake -
 Numbers and Amount
Snake with numbers – stick according to the order
Squirrel -
Colored stickers by Digits
Elephant -
Colored stickers by Digits
Monkey and Banana –
Maze with numbers as leading signs
Rabbit and Carrot –
Maze with numbers as leading signs
Rock Hyrax and Acorn –
Maze with numbers as leading signs
Groovy worksheets on Sea Creatures

Groovy worksheets on Farm Animals

Groovy worksheets on Insects

Groovy worksheets on Birds
Frtog and swamp Giraffe and water Dinosaur and tree    
Fine Motor Skills
Cat to the milk bowl Mouse to the cheese Frog to the swamp Dog to the bone  
Visual Perception
Which is the biggest dinosaur and
 the smallest dinosaur ?
Dinosaurs -
Find the opposite direction
Wild animals -
Left and right
Hidden cats Shades of dogs

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