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Worksheets on Education and Stationary, Ages 3-4
Folder –
Uppercase Letters Bulk
Learn Numbers and Amount using a Diagram Count the stationary -
Amount and Number
Count the books -
Amount and Number
Scissors - Hidden Drawing,
Color by Numbers
Back to Preschool –
Follow the Numbers in Numeric Order
Numeric Order -
Arrange the Numbers in the Binders – Cutout and Paste
Numeric Order - Arrange the Numbers – Cutout and Paste Glue and Paper –
Numeric Order Maze
Stapler and Paper –
Numeric Order Maze
Pencil and Eraser –
Numeric Order Maze
How many tools –
Cut and Paste
Lamp to the Desk Folder to the Small Cupboard Books to the Books Shelf Scissors in the Maze Colors Palette in the Maze
Fine Motor Skills
Paintbrush and Color Palette - Follow the path Pencil and Paper -
Follow the path
Pen on Paper –
TTrace the Lines
Spiral on Board –
Trace the Lines
Find the missing books – Visual Perception What is missing?
Visual Perception
Books in the Shelf –
Tall and Short
Cards for memory game Pencil and Sharpener - Identify Circles

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