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Worksheets on farm animals, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Farm animals
and their products
Lowercase letters trail
to the stable
Goat, lamb, calf - 4 uppercase letters suduku Sheep - Uppercase
one word finder
Piggy - Uppercase one word finder      
Count to 15 Count to 12 Collect the turkeys –
The optimal path
Horse –
connect the dots 1-46
Tangram of a goose -
Color, cut and paste
Tangram of a horse -
Color, cut and paste
Tangram of a hen -
Color, cut and paste
Addition  exercise
Goose to the grains Rooster to the hen Grandmother duck to the ducklings Cow to the barn Sheep to the meadow
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Groovy worksheets on Land Animals

Groovy worksheets on Sea Creatures

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Groovy worksheets on Vegetables
Horse to the stable Dog to the dog house Pigeon to the dovecote    
Find the hidden cows Find the hidden animals Hen and chicks -
Find 4 differences
Find 5 differences

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