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Worksheets on Education and Stationary, Ages 5-6
Letters, Vocabulary and ESL
Uppercase Letters Maze in an Envelope Lowercase letters maze Preceding and Successive
Letters in binders
Arrange in Alphabet Order In the club house -
Find the hidden letters
Back to School –
Letters Maze
Math, Desk –
4 Uppercase Letters Suduku
Page, Glue –
4 Uppercase Letters Suduku
Number and Amount
using a Bar Chart
Count the Books Colorful Pencils –
Colors and Numbers
Colorful Tubes –
Addition Exercises
Learning Accessories - Create a Graph
Pencil Holder – Complete the Missing Numbers Note Box – Complete the Missing Numbers Books on Shelves - Missing Addend Exercises Note – Numbers Maze 1 - 60 Office Tools –
2 Numbers Mazes
Paper to Scissors –
Maze with numbers as leading signs
Masking tape to the Paper – Maze with numbers as leading signs Clip to the Papers –
Maze with numbers as leading signs
Books to the Books Shelf Pin to the Square Top Rectangle to
Bottom Rectangle
Maze on Board Maze in a Magnifying Glass
Spaghetti Path - Visual Perception
Color Palettes and tubes Paper clips and Notes Pencils and Notebooks Boys and Books  
Reading Books -
Find the Differences
Back to School -
Find the Differences
OOffice Tools –
Picture Maze
All the way to School – Eye/Hand Coordination Writing Implements -
Picture Suduku

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