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Winter Worksheets, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Big and small letters Big letters maze 4 letters suduku - hail, snow 4 letters suduku - rain, drop 4 letters suduku - cold, wind
Word finder in a bulk
Puddle Cloud Storm Umbrella Glove and Scarf
Umbrella - connect the dots
 1 - 34
Numbers maze
1-20, 1-30
Umbrellas and girls  - Addition Umbrellas and boys -Addition Clouds and drops -Subtraction
Clouds and drops -
Set the numbers 10 to 20      
Identical shapes
Snow flakes - easy Snow flakes - difficult Winter sports and ski Socks Drops
Cat to the kettle Broom to the snowman ladybug in a puddle Bird in a storm Sock to sock
Fine Motor Skills
Snowman -
connect the dots
Snowman -
connect the dots
Endemic path -
Rainbow to the cloud
Endemic path -
Glove to glove
Paint the endemic surfaces without crossing the lines
Match the shade        

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